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Hey babe! I was once where you are right now.

Standing at a cross roads.

On the one side, I knew what was comfortable - staying small and believing that I deserved the suffering.

On the other side, it was unknown, but there was a hope that I could actually be worthy, I could be saved from this suffering by embracing who I was.

I think you know which side I chose, and I hope you do, too.

So what is saving your life worth to you?

We all are blessed financially in varying degrees, and that is why I wanted to offer you options that allow you to joyfully commit to your self improvement while still feeling invested enough to TAKE ACTION! The truth is, unless you have some skin in the game, your self worth will always stay on the backburner until you get SERIOUS about making a change, and there is no better way than to BET ON YOURSELF!

It's not about the amount, it's about the commitment you are making to yourself, and the statement that you believe that YOU CAN DO THIS!

I'll see you in the JDU!

Your JDU Tuition includes:

JDU Online Student Dashboard with Progress Tracker

Access to 60+ Individual Self Study Lessons, Videos and Discussions

Planner, Journal, and Worksheet Downloads

Posting and commenting capabilities on all posts within JDU

Opportunities for additional support through Live Webinars with Allison


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