MINI COURSE: First Steps to Self Love

This is it, babe. It only takes 1 step to begin a new life.


Listen babe...

I know that you're here because you are READY to make massive changes and learn how to truly embrace yourself and start LIVING your life now. This 5 part video series is the perfect beginning to taking back the power to your own life and happiness. I extracted these videos directly from my transformative $297 e-course, the Just Do YoUniversity, because they single handedly helped my clients experience QUICK and VISIBLE changes IMMEDIATELY. And I know that's what you want, too.

Your First Steps

Are the MOST important when you are getting started on your Self Love Journey. These first few decisions can set the tone (and timeline) for your entire transformation. Let's get you started on the RIGHT foot!

Printable Workbook Guide

To easily follow along with the interactive lessons. You'll be blow away in the first exercise as we get to the bottom of what's holding you back and each lesson dives a little bit deeper!

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Log in from your Computer, Laptop, Ipad or Mobile device and instantly begin soaking up the 5 video lessons (PLUS bonus video) from literally ANYWHERE & ANYTIME!



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